Metal Door Canopy at Its Best: Aluminum and Copper

A metal door canopy can sometimes bring about an image of a simple, grooved, aluminum panel that is placed plainly above the entrance of the home.

This image holds no excitement at all, just an understanding that this awning is there for a reason, practical ones at most. However, metal awnings are not what they used to be, as manufacturers are realizing the shift towards both beauty and practicality.

Now, the metal door canopy is made in designs and styles that can rival contemporary glass awnings or even beautiful timber canopies, as they are made in interesting shapes, styles and even colors.

Metal’s Upper Hand

The most common types of metal awning are those made of aluminum. This material has a large supply made by different manufacturers, keeping prices competitive and easily affordable. Aside from the obvious advantage of price, aluminum is also very lightweight, making installation a breeze. For those who prefer to order online, they can simply have the aluminum door canopy shipped and installed at home.

Despite the lightness of the material, aluminum has proven its durability and strength over the centuries it has come in use. It is also easily malleable, conforming to most shapes and styles. This attribute can become most useful for those with an innate sense of design and artistic ability, since making custom shapes will not be a problem as compared to wooden door canopies.

The Other Metal: A Look At Copper

Aluminum is obviously the most common type of metal door awning, but there is another one that can give a unique appearance to the home. Manufactured by Cannon Copper, this door canopy company provides beautiful awnings with the use a metal that is no other than copper. Canopies in copper comes in a range of designs as described below:

  • Classic Style – A simple flat panel extending downwards with equal divisions at the exterior for design purposes.
  • Concave Style – Similar to the classic, its extension takes on its name.
  • Juliet Style – Resembling roofs of Chinese temples, the Juliet is like the concave with covers at the side of each end of the curve.
  • Eyebrow Style – Imagine a surprised eyebrow, or better yet, a deep curve downwards.

All of these are available in the warm material of copper, with finishes looking as good as the shade of a coffee bean, and giving that earthy and homey feel that always stands out. The copper metal resembles a timber door canopy in color which adds to the aesthetic beauty of this metal. The canopies are supported by iron frames in pure black, contributing to that classic Victorian entry door canopy look.

Signature copper awnings and the practical aluminum are materials that make a metal door canopy possible. Aluminum has always been known to be reliable and cheap, making it a good choice for any homeowner because of its practicality and range in options. A copper awning on the other hand, is essentially unique and provides an instant intrigue factor to an otherwise plain home exterior.

Authored By: Ashley Pierce
Reviewed By: Pristine F. Person