How To Make A Door Canopy: Using Wood Materials

With the do it yourself revolution, knowing how to make a door canopy is not out of the ordinary. A wood DIY door canopy may not be easy, but it can be done.

Instructions on How To Make A Door Canopy Using Wood:

Step 1: Doors with sidings must have the sidings removed using a flat pry bar. This must extend at least 1 foot beyond the side of the door and at least 3 feet above the door. This should be done precisely and cleanly, because part of the siding will be returned after the project is completed.

Step 2: Measure about 6-12 inches above the door trim and measure 12-24 inches past the side of the door trim. Attach a level 2×4 board in accordance with these calculations. Make sure the edge of the board and the outer edge of the door is equidistant.

Step 3: Place two 2 x 4 boards above the one just installed to form an equilateral triangle. These three boards should create the shape of the roof of the wooden door canopy. The triangle should be nailed to the framing members using #16 galvanized framing nails and it should be 1-2 feet high in the center. To make the ends fit well together, cut them at an angle.

Step 4: Create a second triangle identical to the one just built. Using a pair of sawhorses, attach plywood cleats on one side to hold them together.
Step 5: Usually the distance that awning extends out to the building is about three to five feet. But this can depend entirely on the homeowner. Cut three pieces with square ends to that length.

Step 6: Assemble the door canopy together. It is possible to assemble the whole unit and lifting the piece into place at once, supporting it by temporary wooden braces.

Step 7: Create two concrete piers to be placed under the two corners of the roof frame. These should extend out to the same distance of the wood door canopy. They should be at least 2 feet in depth, going past the frost line, and they can be poured or pre-cast.

Step 8: While the concrete is still wet, set an anchor bolt or plate. Make sure the 4 x 4 posts line up with the 2 x 4 frame. Attach the 2 x 4 frame to the side of the 4 x4 post so that the frame is level.

Step 9: Cut the post and attach it to the anchor. Nail the 2x 4 frame while adding an extra 3 ½ inches. Add one or two rafters on each side of the frame.

Step 10: Add about three pieces of fascia to the frame by using 1×6 fir or pine and nail down about ½ -1 inch from the top of the 2 x 4 to create a roof line that continues straight.

Step 11: Put the roof on by placing the plywood first then nailing the drip edge and felt paper on top of the wood. Use shingles that match the main roof. Frame the ceiling of the canopy. Then paint the awning to match the roof.

How to make a door canopy using wood is a long and complicated process, but for those who have the skill, it can be a worthwhile project.

Authored By: Ashley Pierce
Reviewed By: Pristine F. Person