GRP Door Canopy: A Feature Comparison To Other Materials

When it comes to door awnings, the grp door canopy is one of the most common materials that come into mind. Glass reinforced plastic (GRP), otherwise known as fiberglass, is a material developed by reinforcing a plastic matrix with fine fibers of glass.

GRP has then become a staple material in home improvement because of its characteristics such as being lightweight, durable, and robust.

The best thing about a GRP door canopy is that it has become a cost effective alternative to a glass, fabric, and timber door canopy. Giving homeowners the freedom to choose among different products that provide just as much quality.

GRP Canopies: A Comparison to Other Materials

When choosing a door canopy, it’s always important to look at the type of materials being used. Each kind has its advantages and disadvantages, and since GRP canopies come widely recommended, it’s about time to know why.

One of the cheapest types of canopies available are those made of aluminum. It is possible to obtain one at a considerably low price especially if the design is simple and straightforward. Although aluminum costs less than grp, the price of fiberglass is not that far off from aluminum. And the few extra dollars can give a quality GRP canopy with a stylish design.

Again, aluminum is on the list of lightweight materials for door canopy awnings. However, GRP is hot on their heels, gaining a reputation of also being light on the pounds. This feature makes GRP canopies easy to install, and it also does not pose the danger of wearing the door down because of its weight.

Depending on the type of house, design preferences differ for every homeowner. For those who have contemporary homes, a glass door canopy would make a good decision, while old fashioned homes would mesh well with a timber door canopy. The best thing about GRP is that it can adapt to both modern and vintage style. With designs that range from minimalist at best, to timber and tile imitations, grp awnings stay competitive in terms of style.

All thanks to door canopy companies that have stepped out and provided their services online, GRP canopies are easy to spot. Some companies cater to home delivery services, allowing shoppers to obtain the canopy of their dreams with just a few clicks of the mouse. Fabric, glass, metal and timber door canopies are also widely offered on the Internet.

Wood, although beautiful, will eventually face the tests of time and weathering. Aluminum and glass are less prone to damage, while fabrics may need to be replaced in a couple of years. GRP canopies fall under the category of long term use, making it a good investment.

Although a GRP door canopy may not be the best in every aspect, as a whole, GRP proves to be competitive. Because of its practical features and cost effectiveness, it is no wonder that this type of material is calling out on homeowners from all over the world.

Authored By: Ashley Pierce
Reviewed By: Pristine F. Person