Easy Picks: Top 7 Designs for a Glass Door Canopy

We live in a modern world, and a glass door canopy says contemporary like no other. These are the only awnings that spell modern minimalist, and they compliment new and chic houses beautifully.

There are many designs to choose from, and here are the top 10 picks that is pure eye candy for the home decorator.

Top 7 Glass Door Canopy Designs

  1. PT/L door canopy – Taken from the CanopyStore, this awning is composed of a clear slate of transparent glass set over two stainless steel door canopy brackets slightly tilted downwards for a simple yet elegant look. It is composed of the highest quality 10mm transparent safety glass with dimensions of 1600mm width x 800 mm projection x 420 mm height. Price is at a luxurious £929.00 including VAT and delivery.
  2. Gable Door Canopy – From Classic Home Improvements Ltd, this glass awning is shaped like a low triangle with a steel frame. It resembles the pitched roof design. Aside from the clear glass color, it also comes in frosted white, frosted blue and frosted green. This product comes in three sizes, with a price at £497.68
  3. Modern Glass Door Canopy 1400 x 900 – Instead of the usual clear and transparent glass, this acrylic glass awning is slightly opaque. Supports are made from stainless steel, with 48mm tubular posts and 8mm toughened safety glass. The price is at £505. This is available from Canopies Southwest.
  4. Curved Door Canopy – A straightforward design, this door canopy awning conforms to the minimalist at best. It is slightly curved as it extends forward, with a steel frame as a support. The best thing about it is its price, costing only £296.78. A best seller from Classic Home Improvements Ltd.
  5. PT/ET- 160 Platte Canopy – Simplicity is at the heart of this design. Made from 4 mm clear acrylic glass, it is a flat pitched canopy that extends straight forward. This is supported by stainless steel brackets with dimensions of 1600mm width x 900 mm projection x 223 mm height. Price is at £299.00, and this glass awning can be purchased from CanopyStore.
  6. Modern Door Canopy 1200 x 1000 – Taken from Canopies Southwest, this modern door awning features supports in black instead of the usual stainless steel. The glass is slightly curved. Installation is easy, and it is resistant to Cat-12 Typhoon, plus it prevents 99% of UV rays. The cheapest by far, this one costs only £165.00
  7. Easy Top Acrylic Canopy – With a price of £265.00, this cheap door canopy is an easy pick for many homeowners. With the usual stainless steel frame and acrylic canopy, this is ideal because it is cost effective. This is taken from CSW Shopping.

A glass door canopy can come cheap and also pricey, depending on the thickness of the glass and the added protections such as UV resistance and chemical resistance. It is important to order quality glass canopies since these are not prone to breakage, and it lessens the possibility of accidents.

Authored By: Ashley Pierce
Reviewed By: Pristine F. Person