Materials For A Front Door Canopy: Which To Choose

Adding a front door canopy to the home can greatly increase the beauty of the exteriors of the house. Not only do they provide an extra wow factor, but they also have several practical uses such as weather protection, shade extension, and extra space.

Builders and construction companies have noted the revival of door awnings, which is why a host of durable materials have sprouted out, giving homeowners the liberty of choice. Depending on the need and purpose, different materials offer various advantages. Learning about each kind of material can greatly help in making the correct choice for a front door canopy.

Types of Materials for Front Door Canopies:

  • Aluminum Door Canopy – Aluminum is a silver white metal that is relatively light weight but is also sturdy. The material has been pressed into sheets and is made to last under most weather conditions. The lightness, strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum are factors that can be deliberated over when choosing materials. If a door cannot bear heavy weight, this might be a good choice. Manufacturers are also producing aluminium in other colors to match your home.
  • GRP Door Canopy – GRP or Glass Reinforced Polyester is a lightweight material that is gaining popularity among awnings. Compared to other materials such as wood, tiles, and slate, GRP is the most affordable and cost-effective. It is lightweight so it can be easily transported and installed. This type of material is also low maintenance since it only needs an occasional wiping with a damp cloth, or a hose down with water.
  • Wood Door Canopy – Wooden door canopies by far provide the most classic and aesthetic look among all other materials. Wood has a timeless and elegance about it that in terms of beauty, it is hard to go wrong. A disadvantage with wood is the weight of the material. It is also prone to wear and tear and weather damage.
  • Canvass Door Canopy – Although less durable than aluminium, wood or GRP, fabric canopies are now made to have UV, mildew and moisture resistant coatings. They are easier to install, and easy to replace without having to do demolish any part of the front door.
  • Polyethylene Canopy – Polyethylene is a form of plastic that is heavy duty and is treated to be UV resistant, water and mold resistant. It is geared to last for several months to a year and maybe useful for temporary use but not as much for long term plans.

Understanding the materials available can help in the decision of which one to use for a front door canopy. GRP and Aluminum are relatively strong, and could last for years. Wood adds to the beauty of the home and can also be long lasting depending on the type of wood utilized. Canvass and polyethylene can be good for temporary use. Aside from knowing the strengths and weakness of each type, it is also useful to check which kind would compliment well with the rest of the home exteriors.

Authored By: Ashley Pierce
Reviewed By: Pristine F. Person