The Benefits of A Fabric Door Canopy: Why It’s a Good Choice

A fabric door canopy is the type of door canopy awning that has dated back as far as ancient civilizations. The Egyptians and the Syrians used different cloths to protect the frontage of their home, using them also for market stalls.

Today, fabric door canopies are gaining popularity and are one of the most used type of canopy for the home and even for some businesses.
A fabric door canopy has several advantages and disadvantages. It is ultimately up to the homeowner to decide the purpose of the canopy, and for how long he intends the front door canopy to remain in place.

Benefits of Fabric Door Canopies

One clear advantage that a fabric door canopy has is the availability of colors, textures, and prints that could be visibly aesthetic and could work well to match any home interior and exterior. Since fabrics are made to display patterns and colors, it is not hard to find fabrics from a door canopy company that are perfect and visually attractive. In the same way, fabric awnings can also fit to any size and shape of front or back doors.

Because of the advancement of technology, fabrics have been given treatments that could last the wear and tear of the elements. Some fabrics are made to be water repellent, fade resistant, and weather resistant. So much so that some product manufacturers are confident to give a five year warranty, which is usual for aluminum providers.

Another advantage fabrics can offer is easy shipment and installment. This allows homeowners to search the Internet for different styles and brands without needing to worry about how the product will be shipped. This can be dispatched partially assembled, making installation quick and easy.

Fabric door awnings are also the least expensive of all the materials. This is understandable because it is not really meant to last for the long term.

Disadvantages of a Fabric Door Canopy

It is very obvious that one aspect where fabric canopies are lacking is the durability and strength of the material when compared to its peers. Fabrics are not expected to last as long as metal or wood.

Despite the clear disadvantage, fabrics are made for all seasons. A GRP door canopy may work well during winter, but when it is summer, the heat can be increased because of the plastic material. On the other hand, wood door canopies work well during summer because of the shade and coolness it can offer, but wood does not tolerate well during winter, and can be easily damaged by the wind and water. Fabric canopies on the other hand, can work well for all seasons. Eventually, they will need to be replaced but perhaps by that time, change will be a welcome thing. Replacement is easy, nothing needs to be demolished, it’s just a mere act of taking down the structure and replacing the fabric.

Most manufacturers provide a framework for the fabric door canopy. Quality providers will have products such as bronze finished frameworks that don’t rust.

Authored By: Ashley Pierce
Reviewed By: Pristine F. Person