Fabric Door Canopies: The Easy, Instant, and Cheap Awnings

One of the most practical things that can help ward off the summer heat is a shady fabric door canopy. Unlike other materials such as glass, timber, aluminum, grp or pvc, fabrics are easy to install and are also just as quick to remove when the winter months arrive.

Although some fabric awnings can be expensive, it is possible to get some at a price of below $200. An entrance door canopy like these are inexpensive but yet still effective, and looks good on the home.

Fabric Door Canopies: Companies that Provide Them at Less than $200:

  1. Classic Door Canopies – At All American Tent and Awning, when they say classic door canopy, they mean classic! This type of fabric awning is like a simple square that extends outward over the door. The square frame is covered by a sheet of fabric in block colors such as burgundy, cocoa, ebony, forest green and many more. The plain colored ones are selling at a price of $189.00 while a striped one is selling at $216.99. With free shipping promotions, this is one cost efficient buy.
  2. NuImage Awnings – This door canopy company provides fabric awnings in different sizes that is sure to fit the entryway of any household. Available in 45 fabric patterns and colors, it is easy to get a canopy that matches the interiors and personal preferences. These are shipped already partially assembled with all the necessary parts for a quick and easy installation. Also, it is ideal for winter storage as it can be easily removed and packed. A 24 inch by 36 inch size costs only $190.
  3. EasyAwn – Probably the cheapest provider around, classic door canopy awnings from this company goes as cheap as $119 for a 4 inch wide canopy to $259 for a 12 inch wide one. They also have dome awnings with the lowest price of $169. Round and spear structures are also available at an affordable price. These are easy to install, and just as convenient to keep.
  4. Custom Canvas Co. – If some companies already seem to be handing out low prices, this one is even giving it lower. A 24 inch by 36 inch door canopy awning costs only $133.60. These canopies have a bronze finish support frame, and are available in fifty color and pattern selections. Their size chart contains a number of standard sizes, making it easy to find one that fits.
  5. Awnings.com – A website catering specifically to door canopies, Awnings.com provides their customer with choices not only in patterns and colors, but also in style. Their canopies are also selling at below the $200 mark, and since they provide free shipping, their products couldn’t cost less. They also offer a warranty of 1 year from the date of original manufacture, and they have a return policy which may be useful should some defects in the product arise within the first three days.

These are the places where a cost effective but quality fabric door canopy can be obtained, and it’s only a matter of picking out the product that’s just right for the home.

Authored By: Ashley Pierce
Reviewed By: Pristine F. Person