Door Canopy Designs: Unique Architecture For The Home

There is a wide spectre of door canopy designs to choose from, ranging from old fashioned timber wood to modern fiber glass. These styles are innovations from centuries of awning designs, molded to fit the times.

However, there are some layouts that stand out among the rest as architectural beauties, serving as an inspiration to those who appreciate the art of unique home building.

These architectural accomplishments can be transferred straight to home, with providers that offer their unique service, allowing customization like no other. Ideas abound and these canopies step outside the boundaries of the usual and even the contemporary.

Architectural Door Canopy Designs:

  1. Innovative Structural Glass – With custom metal work and laminated glass structures, this glass door canopy is every artist’s dream. What makes this so unique is that the structural glass incorporates artwork. Ceramic screen patterns or etched designs can be applied onto the glass and almost any image available such as lines, patterns, solids or photographs ca be embedded to the glass. Designs are virtually limitless, creating a one of a kind canopy that’s more like the Sistine chapel.
  2. Spaulding Craft Inc. – Canopies from Spaulding Craft use an FRP material which they claim to be stronger than concrete, steel and aluminum. This means more savings in the overall design. What makes it different is that it is available in metallic like bronze, silver and gold, plus faux stone finishes that matches any color. They can also create custom canopies that fit to any design specification.
  3. Somfy – For outdoor spaces, Somfy provides a unique feature for their canopies. Motorized retractable awnings can provide instant UV protection from the sun, allowing an immediate shaded area at a touch of a button. Reliable control options are provided making it easy to use and install.
  4. Eide Industries, Inc. – Complex and difficult design projects are easily accomplished by Eide regardless of job size, scope of work or administrative demands. They can provide designs fit for protective covers, industrial sewn canvas products, structural steel framing, shelters, walkway coverings, fixed sun screen, and of course door canopies.
  5. Robert KleynFront door canopy designs from architect Robert Kleyn are visually intriguing and can really make one pause and think. His designs are unlike any other, and each door canopy is like a work of art with houses as a frame. Not only are these awnings a visual treat, Robert Kleyn designs are also practical as they can effectively deflect wind.
  6. Fabric Architecture – A unique door canopy company with 25 years of experience in engineering, manufacture, design and installation, it masters any tensile fabric structure. Their standard structures are appealing, featuring names such as the Wave, Skylar, Double Conic and Iron Mountain. Each name corresponds to an equally compelling design, creating an architectural feast right in the comfort of home.

If the usual door canopy designs are starting to become too common and such a bore, look for these companies, architects and designers. They can provide fresh insights and structures that can wow any homeowner.

Authored By: Ashley Pierce
Reviewed By: Pristine F. Person