Door Canopy Designs: Choosing the Perfect One

Door canopy designs add to the beauty and elegance of the home. There are many styles and materials to choose from, fitting any structure of the house.

Door canopy designs are interrelated with the materials used. There are some styles that fit primarily for wood and timber materials, while others are only applicable to fabrics. When thinking about door canopy plans, it is important to consider the materials that will be used. It is possible to like a certain design only to realize that these materials may not conform to durability or affordability preferences.

Door Canopy Designs To Choose From:

  • Bell Door Canopy – The bell comes in the shape of half a dome while the other half is attached to the wall of the house. It is the ideal design for simple brick homes or country houses. The bell door canopy can be rounded or slightly angular at the top, depending on the preference of the homeowner. Materials that can be used for this type of design are GRP or fiberglass and fabrics.
  • Arched and Straight Contemporary – This is a simple transparent flat glass or arch above the door. For a current look, glass, polycarbonate or fiberglass with UV protection may be used. It is a good match for urban and modern homes since it embodies the minimalist nature of modern contemporary interior design.
  • Bird House Canopy – Like a typical birdhouse, this one looks like a triangle without a base. The usual style for this type of awning is for the outer area to have attractive looking tiles arranged in overlapping rows. A wood door canopy may be used as a base, with roof tiles at the top. But a GRP door canopy may also copy the tile effect.
  • Countess Canopy – This resembles the birdhouse in terms of exterior appearance. But instead of the triangular shape, the countess canopy is simpler, with just a roof slanting downwards. Again, wood and GRP material may be used for this type of fixture. This style works well with brick houses and old-fashioned doors and windows.
  • Duchess Canopy – This is essentially the same as the countess canopy. But instead of the roof slanting downwards, the Duchess simply extends straight.
  • Princess Canopy – This style of door canopy is like a flattened bird house. It does not have the steep triangular angle, but it holds the same shape.
  • Georgian Canopy – Similar to the duchess, the Georgian canopy extends straight outwards. The difference is the design on the upper exterior. Georgian style is signified by the inverted waves at the top. These waves are in a different color than the white wood that forms the base of the triangle.

Some shops may have different names for these door canopy designs but they are still likely to recognize the common descriptions mentioned above. The usual materials used today are GRP and wood. For temporary canopies, fabrics are a good option.

Authored By: Ashley Pierce
Reviewed By: Pristine F. Person