DIY Door Canopy: Tips On Choosing and Installation

A DIY door canopy doesn’t mean that the awning has to be made from scratch, it only suggests that the pre-ordered canopies come in several parts that are easy to install and a breeze to put up.

Manufacturers have recognized the need for these type of awnings because of the dawn of online shopping and the fact that items should be easy to ship and use in order to encourage consumers to buy.

Although instructions may vary for every DIY door canopy ordered from different companies, more or less the general idea is the same.

Tips To Finding the Door Canopies

Anything can be bought online nowadays, and doing so will provide a quick overview of the prices, styles, and patterns available for the awnings. It is easier to compare the best products online because information can be found with the quick touch of a button. The only setback to online shopping is that it is impossible to see the product before buying it. Canopies could be either too big or small, or the material in the picture does not appear the same when shipped.

When checking for the dimensions of the canopies, it is important to note that the awnings needs to be at least six inches wider on both ends of the doorway. It should also have at least a 12 inch overhang. This can be easily measured if the awning can be found in a local store, but if found online, make sure to measure the door way exactly and add on the extra calculations.

As for quality, it would be beneficial to read customer testimonials about how their orders have worked out. Look for the friendliness of the service provided by the door canopy company, and if delivery was done on time.

Once your canopy has arrived, check if the parts are all complete. Refer to the list of parts, and if they don’t have one, check their website or call customer support. This extra mile can save the hassles of having to request for a part because it is missing.

Once everything is complete and prepared, mark the center of the door and the middle of the canopy. Line up the centers and make sure the awning is level. Get some help if needed. After the awning is in the correct position, slowly screw it into place. Be carefully that the rest of the canopy wont fall off while attempting to screw in one part.

One tip to make it easier is to mark the spots where the screws should go and drill in the holes ahead. Then mount the door canopy awning.

A DIY door canopy should come with an instruction manual, door canopy plans, or at least a guide with pictures that informs which part should go where. Following the instruction manual to the detail should make installation fairly easy. Tips to remember include reading customer testimonials about the canopy provider, checking if all parts are present, getting some help, and drilling in the holes before attempting to install the awning.

Authored By: Ashley Pierce
Reviewed By: Pristine F. Person