Aluminum Door Canopy – A Practical Choice

An aluminum door canopy is one of the most common types of door awnings being used. This could be because of the availability, affordability, and ease of installation of the product.

Aluminum by itself is a silver-white lightweight metal that is capable of being twisted into wires or pressed into sheets. Since it composes 8% of the weight of the Earth, the supply of aluminum keeps it affordable and available to many. One remarkable characteristic of this metal is its ability to withstand corrosion, leaving it impenetrable to rust.

Advantages of Aluminum Door Canopies:

  1. Color Availability – One thing to consider when choosing the material for door awnings is whether or not the color will match the rest of the home. Aluminum manufacturers have recognized this need and have produced aluminum sheets in various colors. This allows mixing and matching, a characteristic that a wood door canopy cannot offer.
  2. Size Availability – Aluminum can be easily cut and molded, this gives freedom of sizes and it can easily be custom fit to doors or patios. Most manufacturers can provide sheets from three feet to ten feet wide in one-inch increments, fitting most door styles and sizes.
  3. Quality Warranty – Aluminum is generally weather resistant and corrosion resistant. Due to its natural properties, manufacturers are handing out five year warranties for their products, giving more value for money.
  4. Ease of Installation – Aluminum is lightweight therefore it is easy to transport, lift, and install. The process can even be done by the homeowner himself, without the need to pay extra for a contractor.
  5. Strength and Weather Resistance – Whether it is sun, rain or even heavy snow, aluminum canopies are sturdy and able to withstand indentation. This shields the front door from outside elements, providing the shade and protection that could be well needed as the seasons pass.
  6. Low Maintenance – This type of door canopy is relatively hassle free. All it needs is an occasional sprinkle of the hose or a wipe with a damp cloth to get it clean again.
  7. Affordability – Aluminum is relatively cheaper than other materials such as wood, fiberglass, and other heavy metals. Should there come a time when it has to be replaced, finding the same material would not be difficult because it is mass manufactured.

Disadvantages of an Aluminum Door Canopy:

  1. Less Aesthetic Beauty – Although aluminum is now manufactured in different colors, it still cannot compete with the beauty that a wooden door canopy can clearly offer.
  2. More Expensive Than Fabric – Aluminum although cheaper than wood and fiberglass, is pricier than the fabric alternative.
  3. Fewer Customizable Options – Although sizes are not a problem, aluminum cannot be shaped and decorated in the same way fabric canopies can.

All in all, an aluminum canopy is a practical choice because of strength, durability, price, and aesthetic beauty. Although it is not as elegant as a wooden door canopies, for the homeowner who is more pragmatic than artistic, aluminum awnings will work just as well.

Authored By: Ashley Pierce
Reviewed By: Pristine F. Person